What not to do in your business voicemail

As we’ve mentioned before, your business phone greeting is vital to your credibility. But creating the perfect voicemail isn’t always as easy as we would like to think.
To make things a little easier, we took the time to think about what are the most annoying, unhelpful, and damaging things you can do (or say!) in a voicemail.


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Here’s what not to do in your business voicemail.

1. Nothing


Ok, so nobody’s saying nothing in their business voicemail, but some people and even businesses are saying the bare minimum. For example, “Hi, this is Ray’s mowing service. Leave a message”
Just. No.
Your caller will feel like they didn’t get a warm welcome, like you don’t care that they called, and like you probably don’t intend to call them back (even if you do). They want all of those things, so make sure you give it to them.


2. A bad recording

Have you ever called a business and barely been able to understand the voicemail greeting? Maybe there was noise in the background, or the line was bad, or maybe the person who recorded the message doesn’t have a very phone friendly voice.

There is no excuse for a barely audible business voicemail, and it might just lose you business. People don’t have time for a conversation they don’t understand. Invest in a digital business voicemail if you can’t guarantee a clear message. It will be worth it.


3. Lack of information


If you can’t answer your business phone, for whatever reason, you still want the caller’s custom, right? In that case, you need to gain their trust in your business voicemail. If you don’t give them the information they need, they might just call someone who will.

Welcome them, thank them for their call, give some small snippet of information about your business, and tell them that you will call back (give them a timeframe and stick to it).


4. Bad humour


Seems obvious, but I’ve heard it with my own ears.
Unless you are selling something funny, your business voicemail is not the time for jokes. Humour is subjective, and what one person might find hilarious might seriously offend another. It’s not worth the risk of losing customers, so just don’t do it.


5. Tell them to call you

If you know of a time when someone will definitely be able to answer the call, you can suggest that time for the customer to call again. But don’t make this the only option. They’ve already called, and you can’t expect them to chase you down, because they won’t; they’ll call another business. In your business voicemail, them that you will return their call, preferable give them a timeframe.

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