Will the NBN be more expensive than my existing internet connection?

The NBN actually provides you with a choice of speed, so you have options depending on how you use the internet, and what speeds you would like in your home of office.

That means that, unless you want to pay more for faster speeds, the NBN shouldn’t be more expensive than your existing ADSL2+/ADSL connection.

The Australian Government actually controls the wholesale price of NBN services, which aims to make sure that everyone can access and connect to the NBN at a fair price.

There are 5 tiers when it comes to NBN speeds. For each tier, you are still getting the same product, but as your progress up the tier ladder, the product is faster than the tier below it.

Each tier has separate download and upload speeds.

The 5 NBN speed tiers:

• Tier 1: 12Mbps downlink / 1Mbps uplink
• Tier 2: 25Mbps downlink / 5Mbps uplink
• Tier 3: 25Mbps downlink / 10Mbps uplink
• Tier 4: 50Mbps downlink / 20Mbps uplink
• Tier 5: 100Mbps downlink / 40Mbps uplink

The tier 1 and tier 2 NBN plans are generally the same price as your old ADSL2+ connection, but you will pay more if you want to get faster speeds. Most internet providers offer a more expensive plan, or an option to add a certain price to your existing plan to get access to faster NBN speeds.

At AConnect, we will talk to you about your internet use and work with you to implement an NBN plan that meets the needs of your office or household, at a price that is compatible with your budget.

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